Operational Security

Offshore Sector


As the world continues its pursuits of new energy sources, our clients continue to expand their operations into some of the world's most challenging terrain. Eos work extensively with energy exploration, offshore refinement, and construction businesses, providing a robust suite of security risk management services. We understand well the operational and regulatory dynamics at play, however bring with us a keen understanding of commercial implications, and thus approach every engagement pragmatically, with an untiring drive to deliver for our clients.


Our experienced team have worked on assets ranging from ship-shaped drill rigs, seismic research, jack-up rigs, pipe laying vessels, offshore support and supply ships, accomodation and resource barges, FPSOs, and other project assets. We provide services ranging from unarmed advisors to armed security detachments, are authorised by the UK authorities and have the capacity to deploy specialised equipment, and are experienced and comfortable working in conjunction with national armed forces when required.


Maritime Counter Piracy

Eos provides a fully integrated and operationally flexible solution to commercial shipping organisations operating within the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Guinea, and other global high risk areas. Highly trained armed and unarmed security operators, hailing from military forces, are carefully selected from our proprietary training courses, to mobilise anywhere in the world at a moment's notice.




Eos ensures a high quality, valuable service proposition by,


  • Carefully screening and selecting only the highest performing Vessel Protection Officers (VPO), hand picked from our proprietary training center;

  • Utilising only the highest standard of equipment;

  • Utilising licensing and approvals to mobilise teams to and from all primary ports;

  • Operating a dedicated, 24 hour Operations and Response Centre in the UK;

  • Providing all clients a dedicated Transit Manager;

  • Conducting Risk Assessments and thorough reporting throughout each project;

  • Employing our proprietary Vessel Layered Defence System (VLDS);

  • Pursuing internal performance to international standards such as ISO9001 and ISO2800 (28007); and

  • Auditing our performance through industry experts and authorities.


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Global Operations Network



Eos avails to its clients fully compliant, operationally flexible security in key regions at a moments' notice. Our comprehensive network of resources and logistics functions are set within key ports and at-sea locations, enabling the client to employ protective services, with no interruption to their dynamic business activities. Our human resource pools, driven by our own in-house training and recruiting schemes, are wholly scalable, and adaptable to task.


Security Training

Eos provides a broad range of safety and security training for personnel employed within the private maritime security, shipping, aviation, oil and gas, and ports and facilities sectors. Developed by expert personnel with first-hand industry knowledge, our courses comply with major approval awarding bodies criteria, but have been constructed to ensure relevance to the highly dynamics fields they address.


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