Calling upon our rich and demonstrable experience managing numerous types of crises, our personnel are able to review and advise on implementation for small, mid, and large-sized Crisis Management Teams (CMT)s. We take a bespoke and highly consultative approach to each engagement, building a program specifically to the client’s activities. Options for assistance include,

  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Crisis Management Plan Gap Analysis
  • Crisis Management Plan Drafting and Implementation Training
  • Tabletop and Live Crisis Exercise
  • Crisis Communications Training and Exercises
  • Crisis Management Training for Senior Leadership
  • Crisis Management Training for Mid-Management
  • Conduct after Capture Training (general and gender specific available)
  • Crisis Media Training and Exercises

We develop exercises based on realistic scenarios, testing the client CMT to tabletop and live drill formats, which are tailored to the CMTs previous experience and training, perceived weaknesses, and strengths. Exercises focus on issues stemming from emergency evacuations, kidnap and ransom, marine piracy, hostile attack, wrongful detention, malicious product tampering, and other issues, and can be developed to be training driven for inexperienced CMTs, to full-simulation live exercises whereby the CMT assumes its full responsibility for managing the crisis. Depending on the scenario, exercises either incorporate full external notifications and communications, or closed-channel simulation of external notifications within the CMT. Our teams seek to apply the appropriate amount of guidance, mixed with a hands-off approach in order to view the true performance of the CMT. All exercises are concluded with a debrief and initial hotwash session, followed by a comprehensive final report, written by the exercise facilitators.

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