Eos Risk provides Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation solutions to corporate and insurance interests that can be administered as assistance from a specialist insurance policy, or directly on a private basis.

The service is overseen and administered via our 24 hour Operations and Crisis Response Centre in the UK, that monitors thousands of assets, individuals and operations on a yearly basis.

Our teams provide evacuations in the event of political violence, war risk, terrorism, natural disaster or other incident requiring safe and swift evacuation of personnel to safe locations.

To ensure safe evacuation and prospective repatriation of our client’s personnel a Crisis Response Team (CRT) shall be deployed to effect the evacuation. Emergency evacuations are effected by highly experienced evacuation specialists, augmented in many cases by members of the Eos Risk Group’s Global Providers Network, ensuring rapid response delivered by trusted hands.

Ready to go evacuation kits and personnel on standby guarantee our clients a highly professional and responsive service.

Local operation resilience assistance can also be provided such as assisting with secure facility mothballing, removal or change of location of critical assets, and assistance with local personnel remaining in-country.

The business further provides formal Evacuation Planning Services, and provides this service for operations on all continents.

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