Our Country Evacuation Planning encompasses a table top (in-country where required) review of the living, transport, and working conditions and environment of in-situ personnel and considers current advice from open and closed sources of information within the global and regional security arenas, as well as through government agencies and Embassies.

The planning process identifies a defined scale of evacuation scenarios, resultant actions and realistic, functional procedures to accomplish safe execution. The Eos Risk methodology recognises a number of widely followed industry specific models and considers amongst other points,

  • Working areas of personnel;
  • Living areas of personnel;
  • Immediate evacuation vs. phased evacuation;
  • Evacuation phases;
  • Shelter-In-Place strategy;
  • Muster points;
  • Communications;
  • Emergency medical resources;
  • Considerations for ground vs. air evacuation;
  • Analysis of safest, most effective routes of evacuation;
  • Potential risks during evacuation;
  • Embassy locations;
  • Essential items;
  • Handling missing personnel;
  • Implementation of an Incident or Crisis Command Centre;
  • Training; and
  • Continuous review and updating.

End to end support is provided via a full Evacuation service which includes 24/7 Response, Advisory, Assessment, Planning, and ultimately execution, using our highly experienced Evacuation Teams who have affected the evacuation of hundreds. For additional information on our Evacuation Team service, please click here.

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