In today’s complex commercial world, our clients increasingly require travel to higher risk areas to conduct critical business transactions. Travel to such areas requires a professional close protection capability supported by a formalised project management system, including intelligence, operational planning and logistical assistance, travel tracking, and crisis response, where required.

Hailing from British military or advanced law enforcement, our Executive Protection Team (EPT) is composed of experienced, qualified, trained operatives, licensed to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) or similar standards. We seek to identify a spectrum of existing and potential threats, specifically dependent on the desired itinerary, and incorporate a global appreciation of the client’s vulnerabilities to risk. Personnel are fully resourced by a robust equipment and communications package, and all tasks are undertaken through a regimented project management structure of policies, procedures, and documentation.

The EPT is supported by the Eos Risk Advisory team for intelligence and strategic planning as well as ongoing advice on perceived threats. The Eos Risk Operations team continuously assist by planning all operations and coordinating all movements and support required by the EPT, and should an incident occur, we are fully resourced and capable of providing a suitable Crisis Response Team solution.

Individuals or teams can be deployed at short notice worldwide. For additional information, please click here to contact our Executive Protection planning team.

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