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EOS Alerts 1-9-2017

Algeria: Islamic State Claim Responsibility for Suicide Attack

2 killed in Islamic State claimed suicide attack in Tiaret

Islamic State (IS) have claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack on a police station in western Algeria on 31 August, which killed two policemen. Amaq News Agency stated, “A martyr from ISIS detonated a suicide vest close to the Algerian police station in the city of Tiaret.” One officer is said to have jumped on the terrorist in order to protect his colleagues from the blast. Attacks and bombings have become rarer in Algeria since the end of the country’s 1990s war against armed Islamists, but al-Qaeda and small brigades of militants tied to ISIS are still active and often target armed forces.

Those operating or residing in Algeria are reminded to be aware of the threat of terrorism. Exercise a high degree of caution near government and military buildings and personnel. Report any suspicious packages, behaviour or activity to the authorities and remain vigilant.

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