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EOS Alerts 21-6-2017

Belgium: Terrorist Attack Stopped in Brussels Central Station

Suspected terrorist shot dead in Brussels Central station

On 20 June, there was a small explosion at Brussels Central Station, before the military shot a suspect who was allegedly wearing an explosive belt. Witnesses have reported that the suspect shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before setting off the blast. The suspect was said to have been carrying two explosive devices inside a suitcase, one of which did not properly detonate and was also wearing a bomb belt and a backpack. He was shot several times by soldiers after he triggered the device. There were no other casualties or injuries to civilians and security personnel.

Counter-terrorism forces around the world are on high alert, fearing that Islamic State is set to launch a series of deadly terror attacks on 21 June. The 21 June is a key date in Ramadan, falling on the 27th day of the holy month and also known as the ‘Night of Power.’ In the past, this date has been chosen as a target for Islamic State linked terrorists. Last year, 29 people in total were killed, including the gunmen, after militants armed with guns and machetes stormed a restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The ‘Night of Power,’ or Laylat al-Qadr, is the day when Muslims believe Mohammed first revealed the verses of the Quran.

It is advisable to be aware of an increased threat of a terror attack on 21 June. Take care when in proximity to densely populated tourist areas of when visiting sites of symbolic significance. Report any suspicious packages, activity or behaviour to the local authorities and remain vigilant.

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