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EOS Alerts 27-6-2017

Burundi: US Department of State Issues Travel Warning

Avoid travelling in Burundi due to political tensions, political and criminal violence and the potential for civil unrest

On 26 June, the US Department of State issued a travel warning for Burundi, advising against all travel within the country due to “political tensions, political and criminal violence, and the potential for civil unrest…The political situation in Burundi is tenuous, and there is sporadic violence throughout the country, including frequent gunfire and grenade attacks by armed groups. Police and military checkpoints throughout the country restrict freedom of movement, and police have searched the homes of private U.S. citizens as a part of larger weapons searches. U.S. citizens should take these facts into consideration when developing their personal safety plans…Rebel forces, ex-combatants, and youth gangs have crossed into Burundi from the Democratic Republic of Congo and attacked and kidnapped civilians. Armed criminals have ambushed vehicles, particularly on the roads leading out of Bujumbura. Use caution if traveling by car, and travel with multiple vehicles when possible… U.S. Embassy personnel are subject to restrictions when traveling in certain areas of Burundi and may be subject to other constraints as security conditions warrant. U.S. Embassy personnel are prohibited from traveling outside of Bujumbura at night, and trips to the Bujumbura neighbourhoods of Cibitoke, Gasenyi, Kamenge, Kinama, Musaga, Mutakura, and Ngagara require advance approval.”

Those intending to travel to or within Burundi are advised to be aware of the increased threat of a terrorist attack taking place. Remain alert when in proximity to major landmarks, or in areas frequented by foreigners such as restaurants and beach resorts. Report any suspicious activity to the authorities and maintain vigilance at all times. Follow the advice of local security officials and consider the security of each journey you make on a case by case basis. 

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