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EOS Alerts 28-1-2019

Cameroon: 7 Injured and 117 Arrested in CRM Protests

On 26 January, police forces opened fire and shot and wounded seven people and arrested at least 117 in Yaoundé, Doula and Mbounda, after CRM "electoral hold up" protests organised by Maurice Kamto – the man who claims he won the 7 October presidential poll in Cameroon – took place. Michelle Ndoki, a firebrand lawyer and Vice President of the Women’s wing of the party confirmed she had been shot four times on the leg. The government has denied the use of real bullets, claiming they were rubber and only used to disperse crowds. Video footage circulating on social media has shown security forces shooting an unarmed civilian in the leg from behind as he walked away. The offices of Cameroon’s diplomatic representation in France, Belgium and Germany were also ‘invaded’ on 26th January by protesters who joined in solidarity with the wave of demonstrations in Cameroon. Calm is said to have returned as of 27 January.

Following Saturday’s protests, the government has threatened to ban Kamto’s Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) party if they continue to disrespect and defy state authority. “The Ministry of Territorial Administration grants authorisation to political parties under strict rules and regulations of the Republic. If such rules are disrespected, then the government has no choice but to temporarily withdraw the authorisation or ban the party.” Further protest may take place until those arrested have been released from police detention. Avoid all large crowds and monitor the local news for updates.

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