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EOS Alerts 9-7-2019

Cameroon: Continue to Avoid Travel to the NW and SW Regions

On 3 July, between 8-13 Cameroonian soldiers were attacked in a military boat by some 30-armed separatists on waterways in Ekpambiri, Manyu division, SW region. At least 3 of the soldiers were subsequently found alive by an elite unit of the army, with a search and rescue operation launched to find the remaining men. Local sources have now reported that the corpse of a soldier, thought to be one of the missing soldiers, has been discovered in the river.

Such incidents are not rare and graphic pictures and videos of civilian deaths, including children, and burning villages in anglophone regions continue to circulate online. Deadly clashes between separatist militants and security forces are expected to continue in the near-term. Avoid all non-essential travel to the NW and SW regions.

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