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EOS Alerts 29-1-2019

Cameroon: CRM Protests Continue Following Kamto’s Arrest

Between 28-29 January, the leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) party, Maurice Kamto, was arrested in Douala along with other key figures, following protests on 26 January. Unconfirmed reports have suggested he has been transferred to Yaoundé. Protests broke out in several neighbourhoods in Douala throughout the night, with demonstrators gathering in front of Kamto’s house and in the Raphaël area of the city, burning tyres in the street. Another protest in support of Kamto is expected to take place today from 0800 LT onwards in front of the Bonajo police station, Douala. Further protests in support of Kamto are likely to take place in both Douala and Yaoundé until the party leader is released. Clashes between police and protesters cannot be ruled out, with security forces having been accused of using real bullets to disperse protesters over the weekend.

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