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EOS Alerts 8-8-2018

Cameroon: Ghost Town Protests Continue

Ghost town’ protests have been taking place in Cameroon every Monday for almost a year now, in much of the country’s Southwest and Northwest anglophone regions. Local citizens continue to assert that the protests are a form of non-violent resistance against government forces and will take place until the English-speaking regions achieve secession. During the ghost town protests, roads are left empty with shop fronts and businesses closing, as police patrols are enforced. Whilst ghost town protests are peaceful, some groups of hard-line separatist militants are in favour of more extreme protest measures and continue to advocate for a blockade of the Buea-Douala road.

There is the potential for tensions to rapidly deteriorate in Cameroon’s Southwest and Northwest anglophone regions with little notice. Continue to closely monitor the situation and avoid all large gatherings of people on an ongoing basis. Avoid isolated areas and poorly lit areas. Remain alert and aware of your surroundings and if attacked, do not fight back.

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