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EOS Alerts 11-2-2019

Cameroon: National Youth Day Celebrated in Yaoundé

On 11 February, National Youth Day will be celebrated in Cameroon, to encourage young people to renounce violence and other negative behaviour. President Paul Biya’s 53rdMessage to the Youth can be read HERE. The main National Youth Day parade will be held on Yaoundé’s Boulevard du 20 Mai throughout the day. Small parades are also expected to take place in other cities.

The day also coincides with the 1961 plebiscite, which separatists identify as the day their English-speaking territory was handed to the French-speaking majority. As such, separatist fighters have banned any activity in the NW and SW regions, including preventing staff from attending hospitals. Serious fighting has been ongoing since 5 February in the SW towns of Limbe, Buea, Mutengene, Kumba, Mamfe and Tombel, as well as in the NW towns of Bamenda, Kumbo, Ndop, Nkambe, Bafut and Kom. Violent clashes will likely continue through until at least 15 February, when the 10-day ban will end. Avoid all travel to the NW and SW regions.

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