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EOS Alerts 8-10-2018

China: 3 Killed and 15 Injured in Vehicle Ramming Attack

On 6 October, at least three people were killed and 15 others injured, after a vehicle-ramming incident and knife attack in Beilun district, Zhejiang province. According to local authorities, the attack was caused by a personal conflict and the perpetrator was not linked to international terrorist organisations. The suspect has been arrested. A heightened security presence is to be expected in Beilun in the near-term. The latest violence follows an attack in September where a man ploughed a truck into a crowd in the southern province of Hunan and then went on a rampage, attacking onlookers with knives and a shovel. 11 died and 44 were injured. The previous month, a 54-year-old man killed his girlfriend and her family then drove a car into a crowd, killing 6 and injuring 12.

Vehicle-ramming and stabbing attacks are not uncommon in China. Remain vigilant and adhere to all instructions issued by the local authorities.

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