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EOS Alerts 8-5-2017

Cote d’Ivoire: Former Rebels Block Access Road in Bouake

Possible fourth mutiny since January 2017 unfolding in Bouake

Hundreds of former rebels who were integrated into the military, have reportedly blockaded the A3 southern access road into Bouake, in the latest protest to demand bonuses over their demobilisation. The rebels are said to be chanting “We want our share of the cake,” and are demanding 18 million CFA francs per person. Over one hundred vehicles are reportedly blocking access to the entrance of the city.

Since January 2017, Cote d’Ivoire has been shaken by three mutinies, which paralysed several major cities. Ober four people were killed in the clashes than ensued, before the government agreed to settle the financial demands of the mutineers.

Those who plan to travel to or within Cote d’lvoire are advised to be aware of a possible fourth mutiny unfolding. Whilst this has yet to be confirmed, hundreds of rebels have blocked the road into Bouake and history has shown that the government will meet the demands of rebels if they protest with violent force. Further protests remain possible across Bouake and other urban areas in the immediate short-term. Avoid loitering near to military installations, remain vigilant and seek shelter at the first sign of unrest. Be prepared for a rapid deterioration in the security environment. Avoid all demonstrations and rallies. Refrain from outdoor travel should the situation further deteriorate.

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