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EOS Alerts 4-9-2017

DRC: Opposition Call for Renewed Protests Across the Country

Opposition set to stage protests to force Kabila out of office

Opposition parties in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have called for renewed protests across the country, in a bid to force President Joseph Kabila out of office, after he went back on a deal to hold elections by the end of last year. With inflation rates now at 50% in the DRC, unrest is beginning to fester. Last year, anti-government protests turned violent, with protesters being shot at. The electoral commission recent announced that a Presidential election can’t be held this year, because the government can’t afford it. Voters have been told they may have to wait another two years.

Reroute any travel plans to avoid Kinshasa during times of protest. Avoid large demonstrations, public gatherings and official buildings. Should a demonstration take place, leave quickly and do not attempt to photograph or watch it. Exercise caution when travelling in rural areas across the DRC and avoid travelling to the above-mentioned areas. There is a high threat of violence, kidnap and murder. Contract a private security escort with local experience for the purposes of business-critical travel.

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