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EOS Alerts 17-5-2017

France: Anti-Terror Authorities on High Alert for Cannes Film Festival

France on high alert for a possible terror attack during Cannes film festival

Anti-terror units have place 400 giant flower pots along the main promenade in Cannes, to prevent a possible suicide attack during the film festival. The shoulder high pots are in place to act as discreet concrete barriers. The Cannes festival, due to begin on 18 May, is the first since the attack in Nice last July, when a Tunisian terrorist drove a truck into a crowd on Bastille Day, killing 86 people. Police have also invested in 175 yards of spiked chains which could stop a truck and deployed extra security personnel. France has been under a state of emergency since November 2015 when coordinated gun and bomb attacks in Paris killed 130 people and wounded 368. Although there is reportedly no specific intelligence to suggest an attack is going to take place, there is a heightened threat that terrorists could target the high-profile festival between 18-28 May.

Those operating or residing in France are advised to be aware of the serious threat of Islamic extremism and terrorism in the country. France has been the target of numerous Islamic extremist attacks in the past years and the country is on high alert. Report any suspicious packages, activity or behaviour to the local authorities and remain vigilant. 

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