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EOS Alerts 8-1-2019

Gabon: Calm Returns After Attempting Military Coup

At approximately 0400 LT on 7 January, military forces in Gabon attempted to initiate a coup d’état, seizing control of the national radio station (Radio Télévisée Gabonaise – RTG) in Libreville, announcing the establishment of a National Council for Restoration and demanding that all politicians and military leaders assemble at the National Assembly. The broadcast also called on military forces and citizens to take control of airports, checkpoints, military establishments, and major transportation centres. Gunshots were reported in the city.

Forces loyal to President Ali Bongo quickly re-established control of the city, arresting the leader of the five officers involved. A curfew has since been imposed until further notice. Western authorities have advised their nationals to continue to shelter in a safe place until the situation fully stabilises, although the Gabonese government reports that it has regained control of the situation.

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