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EOS Alerts 18-5-2017

Guatemala: FCO Warns of High Crime Rates

Guatemala has some of the highest violent crime rates in Latin America

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued updated travel advice to warn that Guatemala has some of the highest violent crime rates in Latin America, with around 5,718 violent deaths reported in in 2015. Although the majority of serious crime involves local gangs, incidents are usually indiscriminate and can occur in tourist areas. For example, On 22 April 2017, a violent armed attack involving a group of tourists, including five British nationals, was reported at La Laguna, Pasaco, in the department of Jutiapa. Attacks usually involve firearms and motorcycle riders. There is a low arrest and conviction rate. Victims have been killed and injured resisting attack.

Those operating or residing in Guatemala are advised to be aware of the high levels of crime present in the country. No parts of Guatemala City are free from crime; this includes Zone 10 (Zona Viva) - popular with tourists and foreign residents. Take care in Zone 1 (historical centre) where the cheaper hotels are situated and several bus routes terminate. Take care around ATM machines, petrol station forecourts, the airport, bus stations and shopping centres. Avoid travelling around on your own or at night, especially at border crossings or areas where there are few other people around. When travelling to remote areas it may be safer to travel with others or take part in a tour with a reputable company.

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