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EOS Alerts 8-11-2018

Guinea: Avoid Planned Protests On 8, 13 November Due to Likely Outbreaks of Violence

The Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UDFG) opposition party has called for protests to be held in Conakry on 8 November. The party is planning to march down the Autoroute Fidel Castro (N1) Highway. Furthermore, female supporters of the political opposition have called for a gathering at the Bambeto cemetery in Conakry to mourn those killed during recent opposition protests. During a dead city (ville morte) protest held in Conakry on 7 November, two people were killed by security forces. Women opposition activists are also planning to hold a march on 13 November, from the Bambeto district to the 28 September Stadium.

A heightened security presence and localised traffic disruptions are to be expected near protest sites. Closely monitor developments to the situation and avoid all public gatherings due to the risk of violence, which can flare up with little to no warning. Take appropriate precautions and plan accordingly. Listen to the advice of local law enforcement and keep on top of any security announcements.

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