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EOS Alerts 8-8-2018

Haiti: Anti-Government Protests Scheduled Between 10-29 August

A collection of political and social groups have called for anti-government protests to take place on 10, 14, 17 and 29 August, to demand the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse. Protests often turn violent in Haiti, with at least 4 killed in July after a government plan to raise the price of gas. On 9 July, the US Embassy in Haiti issued an updated travel advisory advising against all travel to the country due to civil unrest, crime and their limited capacity to provide emergency services. Other western nations also issued similar warnings due to a recent deterioration in the security environment. On 10 July the US Embassy began voluntary evacuations of non-essential personnel from Haiti.

Possible flashpoints for violent protesting in Port-au-Prince include the Saint Jean Bosco church/Bel Air neighbourhood, the Champs de Mars/presidential palace area, the Cité Soleil neighbourhood, the headquarters of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), the Pétionville suburb and on the following roads: Avenue Pan Américaine (101), Route de Freres, and Route de Delmas.

If you decide to travel to Haiti, avoid all demonstrations and roadblocks. Even small protests have the potential to quickly escalate and descend into violence. Seek safe shelter if conditions deteriorate and contact your local consular representation for advice.

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