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EOS Alerts 1-7-2019

Hong Kong: Protesting Continues in Hong Kong

On 1 July, Hong Kong's political standoff continued as protesters attempted to force their way into the Legislative Council building, adding to tensions with police ahead of a planned mass protest on the anniversary of the city's return to mainland China. Anti-government protesters smashed windows and tried to force their way into the building by ramming a metal cart through the glass doors. Police forces used pepper spray to disperse demonstrators. The protests follow several weeks of demonstrations over a controversial extradition bill that would allow suspects to be sent to the mainland for trial.

Transportation disruptions, including crowded public transportation conditions and road closures, and a heightened security presence are expected near protest sites. Business disruptions are possible throughout Hong Kong. Clashes between protesters and security forces, particularly in the evening, cannot be ruled out. Avoid all large gatherings of crowds and plan your travel accordingly.

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