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EOS Alerts 15-8-2017

Indonesia: Five Arrested in Plot to Bomb Presidential Palace

Plot to attack the Presidential Palace foiled

Indonesian police have detained at least five terror suspects, who were reportedly planning to carry out a bomb attack on the Presidential Palace in Jakarta. A number of bomb-making chemicals were also seized during the raid on a house in Bandung, West Java province, 120 km (70 miles) south-east of Jakarta. Two of the five who were arrested, a husband and wife, had previously been deported from Hong Kong for allegedly spreading and inciting radical ideology. Members of the group had also reportedly studied bomb-making techniques through a website run by an Indonesian who is believed to be fighting with the Islamic State (IS) in Syria. Indonesian police have recently become more concerned about suspected militants planning more sophisticated attacks, after twin pressure cooker bombs killed three policemen at a Jakarta bus station in May 2017.

Those operating or residing in Indonesia are advised to be aware of the current terrorist threat. Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country, has long struggled with Islamic militancy and has been hit by series of attacks in the past 15 years. A sustained crackdown in the country has weakened the most dangerous networks, but the emergence of the Islamic State (IS) group has proved a serious new rallying cry for the country’s radicals. The government has previously warned of the potential for Islamic extremists to return home. Take care when visiting densely populated tourist areas. Report any suspicious packages, behaviour or activity to the authorities and remain vigilant.

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