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EOS Alerts 9-5-2017

Indonesia: President Bans Islamic Hizbut Tahrir Group

Islamic Hizbut Tahrir group banned by the President

A top security minister has said that Indonesia President has ordered the dissolution of the hard-line Islamic group Hizbut Tahrir. The group favours a global caliphate for Muslim nations and they were behind the organisation or several mass blasphemy protests in Jakarta last year. The move comes after Jokowi's government was shaken by huge protests, which were attended by tens of thousands, in the past six months by conservative Muslim groups against the minority Christian governor of Jakarta, who is accused of blaspheming the Koran. Such activities threaten the integrity of the state.

Hizbut was one of several hard-line groups behind the protests. The group is active in dozens of countries - despite being banned in some of them - and began expanding in Asia several years ago. Hizbut wants to unite all Muslim countries in a globe-spanning bloc ruled by strict Shariah law. The Islamic group has a record of targeting university students and professionals, working within countries to try to persuade people to overthrow their secular governments.

Those operating or residing in Indonesia are advised to be aware of the ban on Hizbut Tahrir group. There may be resistance to the order, with protests taking place in Jakarta over the coming days/weeks. Avoid all large public gatherings due to the credible risk of protest-related violence and seek shelter at the first signs of escalating tensions. 

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