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EOS Alerts 9-8-2018

Indonesia: Third Earthquake Hits Lombok

On 9 August, a 6.2 earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Lombok, causing yet more widespread devastation. The earthquake follows two similar previous quakes. On 5 August, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and several strong aftershocks hit Lombok, killing at least 131 people and injuring hundreds more. The earthquakes have resulted in a humanitarian crisis, with over 156,000 homeless and serious shortages of clean water, food and medicine.

On 7 August, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Smartraveller service issued updated travel advice for Indonesia. “Following the powerful earthquake which hit Lombok on 5 August, we are temporarily recommending Australians reconsider their need to travel to Lombok, including the Gili Islands. The level of our advice for other regions of Indonesia, including Bali, has not changed: exercise a high degree of caution in Indonesia. Higher levels apply in Central Sulawesi and Papua provinces.”

Indonesia lies within the active seismic zone known as "the Pacific Ring of Fire" and earthquakes are not uncommon. Expect the associated disruptions as a result of the quake. Follow local media for more information and remain vigilant.  Check with your airline and accommodation provider before travelling there. Follow the instructions of local authorities.

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