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EOS Alerts 12-5-2017

Kenya/Tanzania/Zanzibar: Heavy Rains Result in Travel Chaos

Torrential flooding results in widespread chaos and disruption

There have been reports that heavy rains over the past few days in parts of Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar have caused damage to infrastructure and resulted in casualties.

In Kenya, Kwale and Mombasa counties have been worst affected. According to local authorities, the floods have displaced 1,500 families and washed away multiple bridges along the Mombasa-Lunga Lunga highway. News reports have put the death toll at 14.

In Tanzania, two weeks of heavy rain has caused serious flooding and resulted in damage and disruptions on the mainland.

In Zanzibar, rains have reportedly destroyed roads and property, flooded schools and prompted authorities to close educational institutions. On the mainland, heavy rains have caused damage and disrupted activities in multiple regions. In the Tanga region, rains destroyed private residences and caused a landslide in the Usambara Mountains. Rains in the Tanga region is said to have caused bridges to collapse in Mazinde, Korogwe and Pangani. Elsewhere on the mainland, traffic disruptions, damage and fatalities have been reported in Dar es Salaam, with flood waters sweeping away vehicles. Rain is forecast to continue in several regions across Tanzania over the next several days.

Those operating or residing in the above-mentioned countries are advised to be aware of the serious floods caused by torrential rain. Residents or travellers are therefore warned to prepare for possible further flooding in the next 24-hours. Rearrange any travel routes to avoid the worst affected areas. Monitor local media for more information regarding the flooding. Follow all directives issued by the authorities and maintain a flexible itinerary until the floods pass.

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