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EOS Alerts 15-8-2017

Mali: Seven Killed in Attack on UN Headquarters

7 UN staff killed, 6 attackers killed and 7 injured

Seven people have been killed and seven more injured, after armed assailants launched an attack on the UN peacekeeping headquarters in Timbuktu. Six assailants were also killed by the peacekeepers during the attack, bringing the total death toll to thirteen. The peacekeeping mission in Mali is the deadliest of the UN's 16 global peacekeeping operations, with this latest attack being one of the worst losses of mission staff.

On 3 March, three prominent Islamic extremist groups in Mali, pledged their allegiance to al-Qaeda. The merger brings the threat of increased insecurity not only in Mali but also in neighbouring West African countries which until recently had been relatively free of deadly attacks by extremist groups.

On 12 June, the US Embassy in Bamako issued a security message, advising of a possible increased threat of attacks against Western diplomatic missions, places of worship and other areas in Bamako where Westerners frequent, including hotels, restaurants and churches. The Department of State continues to advise against all travel in Mali.It is advisable to defer all non-essential travel to northern and central Mali until further notice. Register with consular authorities and travel in convoy with personal armed security escorts at all times. 

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