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EOS Alerts 11-5-2017

Morocco: Police Arrest IS Terror Cell Members in Multiple Cities

Six Islamic State militants arrested in cities across Morocco

Officials from Morocco’s Interior Ministry have confirmed that at least six Islamic State (IS) terrorists have been arrested during a nationwide security operation between 9-10 May. The terrorists were detained in Casablanca, Tangier, Tetouan, Marrakech and Safi. Police also seized devices during the raids which indicated that the detained suspects were planning to carry out bomb attacks. Further counter-terrorism operations are likely to continue across the rest of the country in the near and medium term.

Those operating or residing in Morocco are advised to be aware of current threat of Islamic extremism in the country. The arrest of IS linked individuals is indicative of the fact that Islamic extremists operate in the country and intend to conduct attacks. Take particular care when visiting densely populated tourist sites. Report any suspicious activity to the authorities and remain vigilant.

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