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EOS Alerts 29-4-2019

Muslim Countries: Ramadan Will Take Place Between 5 May – 5 June

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan is expected to occur between 5/6 May, depending on the moon and 3/4/5 June 2019, culminating with Eid al-Fitr. If you are travelling during this period to a country with a significant Muslim community, take the time to learn about Ramadan and ensure you respect religious and cultural sensitivities, rules and customs. Many businesses, schools, government offices, and restaurants will be closed or operate on reduced hours during Ramadan. Diplomatic missions may also have adjusted schedules.

During this period, there is a heightened threat of a terror attack. On the eve of Ramadan in 2017, Islamic State published a video urging its followers to engage in “all-out war” with civilians and “infidels”. In particular, a significant day in the Ramadan calendar, the ‘Night of Power’ which falls on 31 May this year, could see attacks. The ‘Night of Power’, or Laylat al-Qadr, falls on the 27th day of each Ramadan month and holds special importance to many Muslims. In 2016, this day fell on 2 July and ISIS-liked terrorists attacked a busy restaurant in Dhaka. In total, 29 people were killed, including the gunmen.

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