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EOS Alerts 16-8-2017

Nigeria: Dozens Killed in Suspected Boko Haram Suicide Attack

Death toll could be as high as 30 with 83 injured in suspected Boko Haram triple suicide bomb attack

On 15 August, three suicide bombers detonated their explosives near the ciry of Maiduguri. One female suicide bomber blew herself up at a market, killing 27 people. Two more suicide bombers then detonated their devices at the gates near to a refugee camp, wounding several people. The regional Emergency Agency said 45 people were "critically injured". The death toll could be as high as 30. In total, at least 83 people were wounded in the three explosions and the death toll is not yet known. Boko Haram has waged an eight-year war in an attempt to create an Islamic state in northeast Nigeria. They provoked international outrage by kidnapping more than 200 schoolgirls known as the Chibok Girls in April 2014.

Those operating or residing in Nigeria are advised to be aware of the high threat of kidnap and to avoid all travel to Borno and Maiduguri , where Boko Haram are known to operate. If you do decide to travel, remain on high alert and monitor local media for additional security information.

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