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EOS Alerts 1-3-2019

Nigeria: Youths Violently Celebrate Buhari Victory

On 27 February, hundreds of youths armed with machetes, knives and bottles blocked traffic on the Lagos-Badagry Highway as they marched from Alaba Rago to Okokomaiko in Lagos state to celebrate President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election. Upon arrival in Okokomaiko, they attacked traders and vandalised their shops in order to “punish” them for not voting for Buhari. A number of businesses closed as a result of the violence. Unconfirmed reports indicate that at least two people were killed, including one police officer, after security forces intervened. At least 37 youths were arrested following the violence.

Further political demonstrations and associated transportation and business disruptions are to be expected in Nigeria over the coming days amid a heightened security presence. Continued clashes between demonstrators and security forces cannot be ruled out.

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