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EOS Alerts 15-5-2017

North Korea/Japan: North Korea Fires Another Missile into the Sea of Japan

North Korea fires another missile into the Sea of Japan, missing Japans exclusive economic zone (EEZ)

Amid ongoing tensions with the United States, Kim Jong Un has fired another missile, 500 miles into the Sea of Japan and 60 miles south of Russia's Vladivostok region, which is home to the Russian Pacific Fleet. The launch took place in the Kusong region, located northwest of Pyongyang, which has been the site of previous launches. As the missiles flight was not consistent with a ballistic missile, there is possibility that the north was trialling a new type of missile. The launch is the first in two weeks since the last attempt ended in a failure just minutes into flight.

It is advisable to be aware of escalating tensions with North Korea, who have made numerous threats in the past weeks. South Korea has said that they would quadruple the reward they will pay for North Korean defectors who will share information which will help enhance security.


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