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EOS Alerts 7-11-2018

Saudi Arabia: Code Red Warning Issued for Thunderstorms Between 6-9 November

Intense storms have continued across Saudi Arabia and more rain is forecast in the eastern and northern portions of the country until 9 November. Meteorologists have issued a "code red" warning for thunderstorms and torrential rain in the Eastern province, with more rain forecast for the regions of Ha'il, Al-Jawf, Qassim, Riyadh, and Tabuk. Storms are also possible in Najran, Jizan, Asir, Bahah and Mecca regions.

As of late October, heavy rains and the associated floods have resulted in the death of at least 14 people. Further flooding, power outages and disruptions to transportation and government services are possible in the coming days. The Saudi General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection has urged residents to avoid getting caught in valleys and to be wary of areas of surface water.

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