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EOS Alerts 20-6-2019

Saudi Arabia: Houthis Launch Cruise Missile Towards Saudi Power Plant

On 19 June at approximately 2330 LT, al-Masirah TV reported that Houthi rebels had conducted a cruise missile attack on a water desalination and electricity industrial power plant in Al-Shuqaiq city, Jizan Province, southwest Saudi Arabia. The plant is considered to be one of the 300 targets that the Houthis previously announced they would go after.

US officials said they were aware of reports of a missile strike on the kingdom’s “critical infrastructure” but gave no details of possible damage or casualties. An unnamed senior US official also stated that an industrial "plant was struck by a missile that appeared to come from within Yemen". On 20th June, the Saudi-United Arab Emirates (UAE) led military coalition in Yemen confirmed rebel Houthi forces had fired a rocket at a desalination plant in Al Shuqaiq but said no one was wounded in the attack and there was no damage caused to the facility. In a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency SPA, coalition officials also said Saudi security forces were working to determine what type of projectile had been used.

On 12 June, the Houthis claimed to have conducted a cruise missile strike into the Kingdom targeting Abha Airport (OEAB/AHB) in the southwest province of Asir. The Saudi-led coalition confirmed the attack, which injured 26 civilian passengers.

Houthi forces will likely continue to fire missiles, rockets and drones towards targets in Saudi Arabia. However, successful launches are rare. Saudi defence forces have sound countermeasures in place to intercept projectiles and are typically successful at neutralising threats to civilian or military interests. This said, these systems should never be viewed as completely reliable due to possible technical faults and the potential for human error. Avoid travelling within 50 miles of the Saudi-Yemen border, including to the cities of Jizan and Najran and Asir.

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