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EOS Alerts 9-1-2019

Saudi Arabia: Militants Killed in Counter Insurgency Operation

On 7 January, Saudi security forces killed several militants in an ‘anti-insurgency’ operation in Al-Jish, a village near Qatif, Eastern Province. Military forces surrounded the village for some 15 hours, carrying out several raids on suspected militant hideouts.

Saudi security forces have conducted numerous security operations in Eastern Province in recent years. The region is home to many of the kingdom's Shia Muslim minority, who consistently complain that they are marginalised and discriminated against by the Sunni monarchy. Islamic State have also previously launched attacks on Shi'a communities in Qatif. Protests and attacks in the region have become more frequent since the January 2016 execution of the prominent Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr.

Those operating or residing in Saudi Arabia are advised to be aware of the threat of terrorism in the country. The US government has restricted US government personnel and families from travelling within 50 miles of the Saudi-Yemen border, including to the cities of Jizan and Najran; to Qatif in the Eastern province and its surrounding suburbs, including Awamiyah; and to Honuf and its suburbs in the al Hasa governorate. Regardless of your location, keep your security and situational awareness high. Be prepared to cancel or postpone activities should circumstances dictate it.

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