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EOS Alerts 5-12-2018

Somalia: One Journalist Injured in Mogadishu Bombing

On 4 December at around 1540 a prominent journalist and media activist was severely wounded following the detonation of an under-vehicle improvised explosive device (UVIED) along Makka al-Makaramah road in downtown Mogadishu. The incident occurred around 15:40 (local time). Although there has not yet been any claim of responsibility, the attack can almost certainly be attributed to al Shabaab.

Avoid travel to Somalia. For any business-critical travel, travellers are advised to vary their routines regularly and avoid all travel after dark. Al-Shabaab and other Islamic extremists frequently carry out attacks and kidnap travellers. Attacks are generally directed at security force checkpoints, government buildings, police stations and hotels. Exercise particular caution in and around these areas and report any suspicious packages, behaviour or activity to the authorities.

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