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EOS Alerts 16-5-2017

St Lucia: Opposition Demonstration to be Held in Castries on 17 May

Planned protest in St Lucia on 17 May

Supporters of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) are planning to march from Vigie Playing Field to the Castries city centre and rally on the Castries Market Steps, beginning from 15:00 local time on 17 May. The demonstration is in protest against the environmental impacts of the Desert Star Holdings (DSH) project, as well as against other decisions. Among some of the concerns of the public are the potential loss of the sustainable livelihoods of farmers, fishermen, livestock keepers, bee keepers; the dislocation of communities, homes and businesses; and the protection of public access to beaches.

Those operating or residing in St Lucia are advised to anticipate disruptions to overland travel along the march route and in proximity to the rally site on 17 May. Plot route bypasses and plan your travel accordingly in order to avoid delays to your journey. Avoid all large gatherings of people, as even protests which are expected to remain peaceful can see tensions escalate with little to no warning. 

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