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EOS Alerts 9-5-2017

Thailand: Dozens Injured in Twin Bomb Explosion at Shopping Mall

42 injured in twin bombing at shopping mall in Pattani province

At least 42 people have been reported as wounded, with two critically injured, after a car bombing took place in the parking lot of the Big C shopping centre in Muang, Pattani province. The explosion followed a smaller initial explosion in a shop inside the mall. There have not been any claims of responsibility as of yet, but southern insurgents are believed to be responsible.

Those operating or residing in Muang are advised to be aware of heightened security at the Big C shopping centre in the near-term. Attacks have taken place in Pattani previously. Travel in convoy and with trained security personnel. Avoid commonly targeted public markets, transport hubs and military infrastructure. Report any suspicious packages, activity or behaviour to the local authorities and remain vigilant. 

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