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EOS Alerts 8-1-2019

Togo: Avoid Planned Protests on 12 January

The Togolese coalition of 14 opposition political parties (C14) have called for nationwide protests to take place on 12 January, calling for the country to return to the 1992 constitution and for the government to lift “de facto sieges” on the cities of Mango, Bafilo, Sokodé, Tchamba, Kara, and the districts of Lomé. Demonstrators are expected to gather at three main locations across Lomé, including the Catholic mission of Adidogomé, Totsi and Badohoun.

The government has banned political rallies, raising the prospect of clashes with the police when demonstrations take place. Live rounds and tear gas are sometimes used by the Togolese police to suppress demonstrations and there have been dozens of protest-related fatalities in the past year. Protests could affect basic services and travel in Lomé. SMS and internet services may be suspended without warning. Limit unnecessary travel during episodes of unrest. Expect disruptions to overland travel during this time and plan accordingly.

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