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EOS Alerts 4-12-2018

Togo: Opposition Calls for Nationwide Marches, Strikes On 3-4 Dec, Boycotts Election

The Togolese coalition of 14 opposition political parties (C14) are planning a ‘dead city’ protest on 4 December, to protest against President Faure Gnassingbe, his government and the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI). The recent protests come ahead of the 16-20 December local and legislative elections. The C14 have announced that they will boycott the parliamentary elections by not submitting candidates, accusing the CENI of irregularities and fraud.

The government has banned political rallies, raising the prospect of clashes with the police when demonstrations take place. Togo is now entering another period of heightened political volatility. Exercise caution in Lomé on the protest dates and limit unnecessary travel.

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