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EOS Alerts 29-8-2017

United States: Tropical Storm Harvey Displaces 30,000 in Texas

"The worst is probably yet to come"

Tropical Storm Harvey has forced up to 30,000 people to vacate their homes and be placed in temporary shelters in the US state of Texas due to widespread flooding. 50 counties in Texas have been affected by the serious flooding, with further rain expected in the coming days. Over the past three days, as estimated six months of rain has fallen. An additional 1,000 National Guard troops have been deployed to the state, on top of the 3,000 already sent to Texas, which is the size of France, Belgium and Switzerland combined. 300 to 400 households are still waiting to be reached by rescuers. Sources have commented that “the worst is probably yet to come", saying that the storm, which is moving only at an estimated five kilometres per hour, will likely see more rain in the coming days.

Those operating or residing in Texas are advised to be aware of the serious floods affecting the state. Residents or travellers are therefore warned to prepare for possible further flooding in the near term. Rearrange any travel routes to avoid the worst affected areas. Monitor local media for more information regarding the flooding. Follow all directives issued by the authorities and maintain a flexible itinerary until the floods pass.

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