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EOS Alerts 12-3-2019

Venezuela: At Least 18 States Without Power

As of 11 March, at least 18 out of Venezuela’s 23 states were without power. School and business activities are suspended in light of the continuing power outage. There have been reports of sporadic incidents of looting and on 10 March, there were also reports of protesters setting up barricades and burning debris at intersections in parts of Caracas; clashes were reported as police officers deployed to remove the roadblocks. The opposition claims that at least 17 hospital patients have died as a result of the power cut, including 15 in the city of Maturin. The government’s health minister claims that most hospitals are operating on generators and there have been no major issues for seriously ill patients. Independent confirmation of the hospital patient deaths is not available. Flight disruptions have been reported at Simón Bolívar International Airport (CCS) due to the lack of lights at the airport. Avoid travel to Venezuela.

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