Business decision making in today’s complex and challenging world requires a well-informed knowledge base. Calling on years’ of experience and a significant global intelligence reach, we pave a path for our clients by providing timely information and insight, concentrated into business risk advisory documents which are tailored to our clients’ unique operations.

Our Intelligence Advisory services are delivered by analysts with experience in the academia, military intelligence, and private security tactical intelligence cells.

Intelligence is sourced through both open and closed sources, often through our deployed personnel, as well as other closed networks. Critical information is considered by our analytical team, and recommendations for mitigation strategies are applied, with timely advisory releases when you need them most. Engagements include but are not limited to,

  • Country Risk Profiling
  • Regional Security Threat Advisory Reporting
  • City Security Threat Advisory Reporting
  • Terrorism and Insurgency Threat Advisory Reporting
  • Kidnap and Ransom Threat Advisory Reporting
  • Political Risk Advisory Reporting
  • Security Incident Advisories – via our Asset Risk Management Platform (ARM-P)
  • Health and Safety Risk Advisory Reporting
  • Maritime Security Threat Bulletins and Periodic Reporting

Our engagements centre on products that are tailored to the specific interests and requirements of our clients. We serve clients within oil and gas, insurance underwriting, mining, financial, hospitality, commercial shipping, and humanitarian organisations, although our intelligence products are adaptable to any business through a consultative approach.

Security Risk Assessments

Our Risk Assessments focus on the identification of security threats to human resources and physical assets, both static and mobile.

Each Assessment incorporates,

  • Recent Incident Maps;
  • Risk Summaries; and
  • Risk Assessment and Recommendations.

Risk Summaries categorically provide background on each security threat the Client may encounter. A quantified risk score is provided for each potential risk, with recommended reduction controls and resultant risk scores. Recommendations for reduction controls are considered carefully in close consultation with the client. Further in-depth descriptions of recommendations are also provided.

At the conclusion of each Risk Assessment, all results are considered and a suggested course of decision making is provided. The Client may then determine which course suits their appetite for risk and business requirements.

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