Eos Risk assist our diverse clients with litigation support and investigative services within the field of security risk and crisis response, working to support attorneys and lawyers acting on either side of litigation. We specialise in areas where duty of care and security protocols may be called into question, calling upon our rich team of experts and professional expert witnesses in the areas of security management policy and procedure implementation, risk assessment and mitigation, hostile environment pre-deployment preparation, kidnap and ransom awareness, and crisis response.

Our investigators and subject matter experts are highly experienced former British and US police and federal law enforcement, as well as military, with decades of experience in investigations and resultant legal proceedings. Our comprehension of the legal process and rules of play are formidable. As a result of our global team of professionals, our team are able to handle the most complex of international cases. Through our Advisory Department, we also enable an integrated channel of support in the form of research and report composition, providing the Client and investigators the freedom to focus on case preparation.

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