We provide professional specialist operational support to energy businesses and international service companies on risk mitigation requirements for static and mobile assets operating worldwide. Embedded Security Consultants and experienced security risk management consultants are assigned to the Client and project, with the primary objective of overseeing all security risk management protocols for the project. Elements of this service include but are not limited to,

  • Security Risk Defence System¬†Surveys;
  • Drafting and implementation of improved security policies and procedures;
  • Security risk mitigation procedures training;
  • Development and oversight of security exercise program;
  • Refresher training as required and identified during drills;
  • Initial and ongoing asset hardening guidance and oversight;
  • Oversight on use of specialist security equipment;
  • Implementation of a robust watch routine;
  • Liaison with local, national and international third parties and government/military agencies;
  • Geo-based intelligence reporting via the Eos 24/7 Operations and Crisis Response Centre (OCRC);
  • Implementation and training on Emergency Evacuation Plan implementation and activation; and
  • Liaison with Eos Risk OCRC and other interests in the event of security related crises.

All engagements are fully integrated with our Advisory and Crisis Management activities where appropriate.

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