Integrated with and supported by the Operations and Crisis Response Centre (OCRC), the Asset Risk Management Platform (ARM-P) is used by corporate and industrial-sector travellers, particularly within oil and gas and mining, where travel to developing or conflicted nations is prevalent. The OCRC commercially monitors over 10,000 movements each year using inputs from a variety of fixed  hardware devices and for personal travel, smartphone applications, that send tracking signals to a purposed electronic mapping platform at the OCRC. Features of the ARM-P are;

  • Tracking: The tracking application sends accurate, encrypted position updates, alarms and text messages via GPRS back to the OCRC. Tracking can be easily turned off for privacy.
  • Panic Function: When a traveller activates the panic function, a visual and audible notification is received by the OCRC, as well as via SMS and email to a designated list of recipients. The traveller’s position is continuously monitored following this event, and an appropriate, pre-determined response process undertaken.
  • Application Text Messaging: The tracking application provides for a purposed text messaging portal which is integrated and able to communicate with the monitoring system at the OCRC.
  • Idle Features: Even when the application tracking feature is switched off, the application can be set to deliver daily position updates, and the OCRC can also interrogate position updates during emergencies.The Eos OCRC acts as an independent third party for personnel tracking and can be configured as a buffer between traveller and their employer, to allay privacy concerns. Advice concerning policy formulation is provided to corporate travel customers.
  • Tracking and emergency signals are received from the application by the OCRC which is manned 24 hours/day by trained advisors in security operations and crisis first response. Intelligence-led advisories are released strategically to travellers based on their position. Should a crisis response be required, Eos Risk may provide a response in a pre-determined capacity, as agreed with the client.
  • Additional services including traditional travel tracking using check-in and other passenger travel information which can be verified against itineraries, available on an electronic platform.

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