Our business has provided global protective services to a considerable client base since 2009 supporting contracts within Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Far East and we maintain a roster of operatives with experience in Former Soviet Union countries.

Dependent on the specific requirements of the task, and legal framework on which is undertaken, we provide integrated physical security services via Eos recruited and trained security professionals, as well as through the upon the location of the delivery of the service and the current international and national legal contracting of national security forces.

Examples of protective services include: Embedded Security Consultants, UK-based executive protection teams, Standing Response Teams for global deployment, armed vessel security detachments, and armed escort vessels manned by local national security forces.

We work extensively with oil and gas and commercial shipping interests, however our services are executed in a flexible, commercially-minded manner, and are adaptable to most clients through our consultative planning process.

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Oil and Gas Security

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Executive Protection Services

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