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Intelligence and Security Risk Assessments

Our Intelligence and Security Risk Assessment services are delivered by analysts with experience in both the military and commercial arenas. Intelligence is sourced through both open and closed sources, including deployed personnel, as well as other proprietary, closed networks. Intelligence is passed through the Advisory and recommendations for mitigation strategies are applied by our Operations Specialists, with timely bulletins and reports delivered where required. We utilise the intelligence, combined with operational acumen, to write thoughtful, well-informed, operationally efficient advice and planning documents conforming to the appropriate industry standards that can be quickly updated, and easily implemented. For further information on our Intelligence and Risk Assessment solutions, please click here.

Online Security Intelligence Services

Our Asset Risk Management Platform (ARM-P) provides a password protected, online portal which avails to subscribers a comprehensive database of security risk intelligence information covering all parts of the globe. The system is intended for corporate security coordinators, managers, and directors requiring access to a push-button risk advisory and assessment tool For further information, please click here.

Corporate Resilience and Risk Management Consulting

In today’s complicated business environment, professional businesses are required to establish a risk averse culture, to ensure business continuity and supply chain obligations are fulfilled, in addition to the ever-important duty-of-care owed to valued employees.

We provide expert security risk management and corporate resilience consulting services to a highly diverse group of businesses the world over, enabling businesses to grow their profiles to risk.

Litigation Support

As a result of our substantial experience within the areas of security risk and crisis management, we offer to Clients engaged in legal processes a view of subject matter expertise coupled with a professional understanding of the litigation and tribunal process, which has been achieved through years’ of experience providing evidence and testimony. For further information on our Litigation Support solutions, please click here.

Evacuation Planning

Eos Risk provide to corporate, oil and gas, and NGO interests support in the drafting and implementation of Country and Regional Evacuation Plans for operations in low to high risk areas. Plan writing is fully integrated with our Intelligence and Risk Assessment as well as Operations teams, which provides for well-informed, multi-dimensional, realistic evacuation scenarios, which are considered against trusted industry standards for evacuation planning. Clients engaging with Eos in this area are also availed the appropriate implementation training and exercises where required. For additional information on our Evacuation Planning solutions, please click here.


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