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EOS provide a full spectrum of integrated security services for the merchant shipping, offshore, cruise and super yacht sectors, including armed and unarmed security, intelligence support, tracking, training, project security management and asset hardening.

EOS maritime security and crisis response services are accredited by LRQA in the UK for ISO 9001, ISO 28000 and ISO 28007. Since EOS entered the maritime security market in 2006, we have ensured the safety of thousands of transits and projects across the Indian Ocean, West Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and the Mediterranean. We remain one of the most experienced maritime security companies in the market and place strong emphasis on compliance, training and professionalism.

24/7/365 Operational Support

EOS operate a dedicated, 24-hour Security Operations Centre (SOC) at its HQ the UK, staffed by experienced former military and corporate security managers. SOC personnel are trained in security operations, crisis first call response relating to kidnap and ransom, hostile attack (operational security support), business crises, emergency evacuation operations, extortion, hijacking and competent authority, and are regularly exercised. The SOC is appropriately outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and business systems, business continuity planning (independently audited) and is backed up by a fully-mirrored fall-back location should a critical loss of business operations occur at the HQ.

The EOS SOC coordinates and tracks all maritime security operations. 


EOS are strongly committed to providing compliance and legal maritime security services.  The company has been independently audited against ISO 28007-1:2015, as well as its parent standard ISO 28000:2007, by the leading maritime certification body Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). 

EOS has gained operational approvals from numerous flag states to embark PCASP onto their vessels, and works closely with all clients to ensure that the appropriate flag state approvals are obtained in good time ahead of any planned embarkation. The Quality & Compliance Manager is the primary point of contact between the client and the flag state during this process to ensure that all the relevant information is submitted.

All privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) that EOS engage are vetted, selected and trained to the same high standard – this process has been independently verified by LRQA as part of the ISO certification process.

The movement of firearms and equipment is carried out in full compliance with the UK’s Export Control Act of 2002, (as well as the subsequent Export Control Order of 2008). Our equipment and firearms are licenced to be moved around EOS' area of operation by the utilisation of various export and trade control licences that are issued by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. When the UK government issues such a licence, due regard is given to flag and coastal state legislation which therefore enable EOS to remain compliant with both UK and third country requirements, when firearms and equipment are moved from one location to another.

EOS frequently submit to intense client and 3rd party due diligence processes and can provide information upon request.


For all legal matters, EOS retains the services of Tatham Macinnes LLP, a London-based specialist firm of marine solicitors.

Maritime Training

EOS is a recognised maritime safety and security training provider with extensive experience developing and delivering training solutions to students from variety of backgrounds and sectors. Having trained over 2000 personnel ranging from seafarers to law enforcement personnel and holding approvals with awarding bodies including UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), UK Department for Transport (DfT) and US Maritime Administration (MARAD), our aim is to ensure the highest quality, interactive training and consultancy services possible. Our maritime courses include:

  • ISPS Code Ship Security Officer - MCA Approved
  • ISPS Code Company Security Officer - MCA Approved
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties - MCA Approved  
  • Proficiency in Security Awareness - MCA Approved
  • ISPS Code Port Facility Security Officer - Dft Approved
  • CVSSA 11-01 Crime Prevention, Detection, Evidence Preservation and Reporting – US Maritime Administration (MARAD) approved
  • Pending Cyber Security Awareness - GCHQ Approved
  • Threat Awareness (Onshore/Port facilities/Onboard)
  • Port calls and control of access
  • Suspicious Persons & Behaviour
  • Weapons & Explosives (Inc. IED recognition)
  • Location Specific Threats (Mediterranean etc.)
  • Vessel Access Control
  • Preparation for Entering a High Risk Area
  • Observation, Detection & Avoidance Measures
  • Anti-Piracy Procedures (Vessel Specific)
  • Incident Management
  • Maritime Emergency / Incident Response

Offshore Oil & Gas and Project Security

EOS have supported drilling and exploration projects off Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria, Mozambique, Colombia and Malaysia, and have provided security for oil infrastructure moves in Asia, the Indian Ocean, West Africa and the Caribbean.

We help offshore clients to understand and mitigate the risks to their assets using comprehensive project risk assessments, covering both offshore operating areas and shore-based support functions. When projects 'go live', we provide bespoke intelligence monitoring services to support decision making. 

When a significant shore-side presence is required, we deploy our experienced risk management professionals to review hotels, apartments, offices, warehouses, transfer locations, journey management, evacuation and security procedures, to make recommendations for risk mitigation. 

In more complex maritime environments, EOS can provide armed security support and embarked embedded security personnel to enable your staff and contractors to do their work in a secure environment. 

Cruise Ship Security

EOS continues to support cruise ship operators with security services and bespoke intelligence support.


We understand that cruise ship operators must stay abreast of both land-based and seaborne security threats. The general public’s perception of the safety of a destination (consumer confidence) is of key importance to a cruise line when arranging port calls. As stated by Santana (2003: 304), “perception is reality in the tourism industry”. Volatile risk profiles in once popular cruise destinations, such as Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt, have underscored the need for the cruise industry to be able to make quick and informed decisions about calls that could affect their customers and reputation. 

EOS helps cruise ship operators to understand and monitor the threats to their itinerary, through bespoke risk assessments and reporting. 


EOS provides cruise ships navigating Indian Ocean routes with embarked armed security services. We have a variety of team compositions and security operatives with vast experience onboard cruise ships, who are acutely aware of the specific sensitivities involved with cruise security. 


EOS holds approval from the US Maritime Administration (MARAD) to provide the CVSSA 11-01 Crime Prevention, Detection, Evidence Preservation and Reporting course. We conduct this course, and many others, at our training facility in the UK or overseas at client sites. For more information on our maritime training, click the training page in the left menu. 

Embarked Security and Escort Services

EOS Risk Group provides embarked (un)armed security teams (ASTs) and escort services in all global risk areas, with services catered for the merchant marine, cruise, offshore and super yacht sectors.

INDIAN OCEAN: We provide highly professional and competitively priced 3-4 man armed security teams for Indian Ocean High Risk Area (HRA) transits. All of our armed security teams, comprised of former British, Eastern European and Asian military personnel, are selected through a stringent recruitment and screening process. We embark and disembark teams at all locations of convenience, including, but not limited to 17N Red Sea, 25N OPL Fujairah, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Egypt, Madagascar, Oman, Mauritius and Comoros. A voyage risk assessment, Indian Ocean threat brief and scored vessel hardening (BMP4) report are included for each voyage.

WEST AFRICA: In Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria and Cameroon, EOS can deploy local armed security teams onboard merchant vessels. The security team is sourced from the host country’s navy and EOS can arrange their embarkation within 24 to 36 hours' notification from the vessel owner or management company. This service is only available (for embarkation and disembarkation of the team) within the territorial waters of the host nation and is therefore of most benefit to vessels that are required to operate in the same sovereign waters or a particular high risk port for an extended period. 

EOS can also provide a fully-licensed armed escort service for merchant vessels navigating high risk routes within the Nigerian EEZ. Our approved partner in Nigeria has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Nigerian Navy and holds all necessary approvals from the Nigerian Maritime Safety Agency (NIMASA). Escort vessel services can be provided out to a range of 150nm from Nigeria using Nigerian Naval personnel. EOS can also deploy Nigerian Maritime Police (MARPOL) personnel for operations within territorial and inland waters (measured from the inward limits of the coastal waterways to the fairway buoy), ports and harbours. For many assignments, we also provide an embarked British or Eastern European bridge advisor to oversee the security of the vessel and liaise with the local security forces, whether embarked or in escort.

SOUTHEAST ASIA: For passage of the Sibutu/Sulu/Celebes Sea kidnap risk area, EOS can provide Indonesian or Malaysian armed security, dependent on the vessel’s voyage plan and the suitability of available (dis)embarkation points. We also offer an embarked bridge advisor service to oversee the installation of protective measures on your vessel and to accompany and train the crew during their transit of the kidnap risk area. 

Escort vessels can also be provided for high-value transits in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore, into Malaysian and Indonesian waters if necessary.

VESSEL AND FLAG EXPERIENCE: Flags Administrations whose registered vessels EOS ASTs have performed duties on are as follows: Antigua & Barbuda; Bahamas; Bangladesh; China; Cayman Islands; Cyprus; Denmark; Greece; Hong Kong; India; Liberia; Luxembourg; Marshall Islands; Norway; Panama; Philippines; Saudi Arabia; Singapore; Switzerland; United Kingdom; Malta; and Isle of Man. 

Sample vessel types EOS ASTs have performed duties on are as follows: Tanker (oil, chemical, LPG, LNG); Container Ship; Bulk Carrier; Cruise Ship; Superyacht; General Cargo; Heavy Lift Vessel; Wind Carrier; Jack-up Rig; Drill Rig; Offshore Trenching Vessel; Offshore Supply Vessel; and Tug.

Intelligence & Advisory

EOS is an established market leader in the provision of maritime intelligence and advisory services. We constantly monitor a range of threats to maritime interests around the World, in port and at sea. We analyse traditional threats such as piracy, maritime crime, terrorism and conflict, and those that are less documented, such as stowaways, smuggling, corruption, industrial action and activism.
Our experienced analysts help you to understand the risks to your assets and also how to mitigate them. We are contracted by government departments, leading ship management companies, insurance underwriters, O&G majors, cruise lines and superyacht clients to provide such services globally.

Whether you're planning a potentially high risk port call in Libya, unsure about the risk exposure on your Mediterranean cruise itinerary or need guidance on navigating risks in the Gulf of Guinea, our intelligence team will provide clear, concise and practical advice.

We provide:

  • Voyage / Transit Risk Assessments.
  • Voyage / Transit Risk Assessments.
  • Daily Asset / Voyage Monitoring Services.
  • Weekly Global Maritime Threat Assessments (Indian Ocean, West Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean). [Subscription]
  • Maritime Security Incident Alerts. [Subscription]
  • Weekly Libya Port and Terminal Threat Assessments, covering Hariga, Tobruk, Derna, Benghazi, Zuwetina (Zueitina), Brega, Ras Lanuf, Es Sider (Sidra), Misurata (Misrata), Khoms, Tripoli, Zawiyah (Zawia, Zawiya), Mellitah and Zuwara. [Subscription]
  • Daily West Africa / Gulf of Guinea Situation Reports (WAF SitReps). [Subscription]
  • Desktop Port Security Assessments (we have completed such assessments for every coastal state).
  • Complex project security risk assessments for the offshore oil and gas industry (with recent experience in Colombia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Libya, Mozambique and Malaysia).
  • Onshore travel and crew change risk reports.
  • Routing, compliance and vessel hardening advice.
  • Bespoke assessments and reporting.