Our Services


We provide an intelligence-led security service and offer professional, discreet and experienced consultants to help tailor our services to meet the bespoke requirements of you, your family and your businesses in the UK and globally.

We provide security solutions for UHNWI’s, families, celebrities, sporting icons and business executives all over the world and the experience we have allows us to be a trusted and go to provider.

We provide highly trained and professional close protection operatives (CPO)

Our CPOs have backgrounds in the military, special forces and close protection police officers, they are thoroughly vetted prior to all tasks and their profiles are selected and tailored to the client’s requirements.

Operatives are all SIA licensed and trained to deliver a discreet security solution, a service we provide to numerous UHNW and HNW clients and individuals in the UK and globally. Our 24/7 Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) and intelligence department provide support to our deployed teams’ and asses and highlight any potential risks so they can be mitigated without any disruption to the clients’ plans.

Key services include:

  • Individual/family protection
  • Celebrity/Diplomatic protection
  • Protective surveillance
  • Security chauffeurs
  • 24/7 Global Security Operations Centre support

Residential Security

We provide a highly professional and bespoke security solution for your private properties or residences, whether on a long-term or temporary basis.

Residential Security Services

Our residential security services mitigate increasing incidences of occupation by squatters and the ever-present threat of theft by criminal gangs that target UHNWI’s, families, vulnerable and unoccupied properties.

Key Services include:

  • Embedded security consultants

Our Close Protection Officers are highly trained, SIA licensed, vetted and all sign a non-disclosure agreement. Their professional, discreet and unobtrusive manner ensures UHNWIs, families and un-occupied premises benefit from this service by giving the client ultimate peace of mind and allowing them to go about their business as normal.

  • Estate security

Our dedicated team can provide all services required for estate management and security, conducting risk/site assessments of the overall security measures which are already in place, to recommending security solutions to identified risks and vulnerabilities found. We provide embedded consultants to maintain the security and protection of the estate, assets and land from theft, trespassers, media intrusion and oversee all third-party providers whilst on-site.

  • Asset protection

We understand that UHNW and HNW clients will have valuable and irreplaceable assets in and outside of the home and that the first measure to protecting it is ensuring the correct level of security is in place. We can conduct a security review of the assets and any threats posed and recommend how best to mitigate against it, we also have a 24/7 Global Operations Centre (GSOC) who can monitor and react to alarms and give the client real time updates anywhere in the world.    

  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Sweeps

We conduct TSCMS (bug sweeps) of your home or business premises as we know the importance of your private life and business affairs are private and confidential, so we can give you peace of mind by conducting a sweep and ensuring no one else is listening.

Super Yacht Security

Our knowledge and experience of working with super-yacht owners and their guests has allowed us to develop an intricate understanding of their lifestyle and their security requirements.

Maritime & On Shore Protection

We provide specialist maritime close protection teams to operate at sea and onshore in both convert or overt capacities.

Key services include

  • Maritime Close protection Teams

With experience successfully protecting some of the world’s leading figures including UHNWI’s, A-list celebrities, Sheiks and their family members, our teams bring their past British military and Private Security experience to maritime close protection roles. Our professionals have experience working with both Owners and guests with intimate understanding of the client’s requirement and are supported by EOS’ Global Security Operation Centre (GSOC) and Intelligence department.

Travel Risk & Journey Management

We provide bespoke travel security advice, our dedicated intelligence department and consultants provide country risk assessments and executive travel support to ensure you have a full understanding of the associated risks.

The Global Traveller

Our global traveller tracking application, (Travel Knight) allows us to monitor personnel and assets 24/7 and issues real-time alerts for incidents within your area(s) of interest.

Flight data is integrated directly into our system, complementing our asset tracking software and smartphone app, to deliver an active real-time picture of your global operations. Travellers facing difficulties can call our 24/7 hotline for advice or interact directly with our platform via their PC, tablet, smartphone, Email or SMS. Secure journey management and crisis management is delivered as an end-to-end integrated service, constantly monitored by our Global Security Operations Centre.

Key services include:

  • Travel risk assessments/pre-briefings
  • Meet & Greet services globally
  • Security drivers/chauffeurs
  • Intelligence updates 24/7